Hello people , hope y'all are good. This blog is on 10 of my favorite, creative and unique FOSS apps. Let's get started:-


                       For a lot of people, a little background noise is helpful to calm down and focus. In some cases, it's also a boost to productivity. Background noise (ambience) can also help minimize the effects of stress.

Noice is an app that allows you to create a customised ambience using clips from environmental noise sources. Create your perfect surroundings by combining different sounds to drown out distractions so you can focus on your work, or generate serene, peaceful environments that encourage you to fall asleep.


                    A simple yet useful birthday manager. Birday is free and ad-free!

This app was created to remember and manage events in a simple and effective way.
The app contains some basic personalization options and an introduction, plus some new resources like animated vector drawables and the automatic dark/light theme.

3. RANDOMIX - Decision Maker:
                                                                                  The main purpose of the app is to provide a random choice in different ways. The app contains some basic personalization options and an introduction, plus some new resources like animated vector drawables and the full light theme.

An example?
→ During a table game, you have to throw a dice, a coin, or choose which player should start: Randomix does it all!
→ You're hungry but you and your friends can't decide a place to have a meal: just spin the roulette and accept its wise answer!

Get it on F-droid and Google Playstore

                                              Communicate with Pebble/Mi Band/Amazfit Bip/Hplus devices and more.

Use your Pebble/Mi Band/Amazfit Bip/Hplus device without the vendor’s closed
source application and without the need to create an account and transmit any of
your data to the vendor’s servers

Get it on F-droid 

                                            KDE Connect provides a set of features to integrate your workflow across

Shared clipboard: copy and paste between your devices.
- Share files and URLs to your computer from any app.
Get notifications for incoming calls and SMS messages on your PC.
Virtual touchpad: Use your phone screen as your computer's touchpad.
Notifications sync: Read your Android notifications from the desktop.
- Multimedia remote control: Use your phone as a remote for Linux media players.
WiFi connection: no USB wire or bluetooth needed.
End-to-end TLS encryption: your information is safe.

Please note you will need to install KDE Connect on your computer for this app
to work, and keep the desktop version up-to-date with the Android version for
the latest features to work

Get the MOBILE APP on F-Droid and the Desktop Application on Official KDEconnect website.


                                          Easy-to-use, flexible and open-source podcast manager and player.

AntennaPod is a podcast manager and player that gives you instant access to millions of free and paid podcasts, from independent podcasters to large publishing houses such as the BBC, NPR and CNN. Add, import and export their feeds hassle-free using the iTunes podcast database, OPML files or simple RSS URLs.
Download, stream or queue episodes and enjoy them the way you like with adjustable playback speeds, chapter support and a sleep timer.
Save effort, battery power and mobile data usage with powerful automation controls for downloading episodes (specify times, intervals and WiFi networks) and deleting episodes (based on your favourites and delay settings).

Made by podcast-enthusiasts, AntennaPod is free in all senses of the word: open source, no costs, no ads.

Get it on F-Droid

                                      This app reduces image size by changing the resolution and quality of the image. It also removes exif data before sending the image. The modified image is saved in a separate folder in jpeg format. The original image remains unchanged. You can also use Imagepipe to edit the image.

Get it on: F - Droid

                                    With Remote Numpad, you can add the convenience of a numeric keypad to your laptop. You can use this numpad in 3 different ways. 

Using the Bluetooth HID profile (experimental), you can use Remote Numpad with any Bluetooth-enabled device (Android P or more required).

IMPORTANT: The classic Bluetoooth and TCP (Wi-Fi) connections WILL NOT WORK if the server is not running on the other device. 
A tutorial video can be found at "https://youtu.be/xTfQparcgg4".

 Get it on:F - Droid

9 . TUNER:
                   Tuner is used to tune music instruments and can show up to 8 music notes. Hold the phone/tablet near the instrument, play a note and observe the display.In portrait the app shows a scope with the input signal, a spectrum showing the processed signal, the main display with the note value, cents error, frequency error etc, a strobe display and a meter display showing the cents error. In landscape the app shows just the main display and the meter. There is a signal indicator in the action bar which is useful in landscape mode.

Get it on: F - Droid

                                                This app is a very creative and fun app. An android application that helps you keep track of your shopping list that has a compare the price per unit of diffent items and shows you the best one to get. Just like shopping with mom! It comes with many more options.

Get it on: F - Droid

That is it for today's blog. Hope you found this blog fun and informative. Share this blog as much as you can and don't forget to comment a few more blog ideas. See Ya later.


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